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5th October 2018

Portland Mission, Sept 2018

I approached a group of 4 teenagers and started talking to them about Jesus. They laughed in my face and started slating Christians and the Word of God, so I opted to simply tell them my testimony – how God saved me from Cocaine addiction and a really dark lifestyle. They seemed to think my old life-style sounded a lot more appealing to them, one of them even said they had a done a line of cocaine earlier that day.

I was almost ready to go but felt compelled to tell them, “If I lay my hands on you right now you are going to feel the power and glory of God pulsate through you.” This got their attention, and one of them reluctantly let me pray for him. As I started to pray he was laughing and looking round at his friends, but then suddenly his face changed and his eyes began to fill with water! I could feel the Spirit of God pulsating through me. I said to him you can feel the power of God can’t you, he replied saying “YES WHAT IS THAT?!” I looked round at the others and they had all become speechless & with tears in their eyes. The Spirit of God was touching them all in that moment! God took over my mouth and for the next few minutes I passionately shared the gospel with them, and asked if any of them wanted to give their lives to the source of life, JESUS!

The boy who had been laughing at me, cursing at me, and had told me he had done a line of cocaine earlier that day, turned to me with tears in his eyes and said he wanted to give his life to Jesus!!! We prayed right there on the street and he was baptised in the Spirit of God and broke down in tears. It was such a radical moment seeing the power, the love of God completely wreck these teenagers. I couldn’t keep the tears back myself.
Sam Cain

Maureen Hopkins

Posted by Maureen Hopkins

3rd July 2018

God's Promises

Whilst we sang that “old “ song , “Shout to the Lord”, I remembered that this was one of the first songs that was sang in the Charis Centre when we opened. In fact, it may have even been sang on our first full Sunday in the building.

I got to thinking of Gods promises over the church. Things like the promise it would be a house of worship and prayer. I realised that each person represented here was part of the fulfilment of Gods promises. God knew well before we did all about the Charis Centre and his plans and promises for it. He even knew the details like the fact there was a well underneath the baptistry.

God has and is indeed now fulfilling His promises.

I realised that this was the important thing. God not only has fulfilled His promises, but is NOW fulfilling His promises over the Church and over us as individuals that form part of the Church.

God is fulfilling His promises. He keeps His promises and we are to speak that over ourselves as we look back and as we look forwards.

Maureen Hopkins

Posted by Maureen Hopkins

7th June 2018

Experience in Worship

I wanted to share what I experienced and saw during church on June 3rd. During one of the worship song the words "Unfailing love" leapt out I heard God say my love never fails you. I closed my eyes and was standing on the shoreline looking at the sea, I then saw Jesus running towards me, then a mighty wave rushing at me, I couldn't move the wave crashed over me, I felt the force of Gods love, rushing through me, covering me, felt the weight of his glory could barely stand , it felt incredible, felt such freedom, I let out such a scream as wave after wave after wave came crashing over me.
It was an amazing encounter with the Father.

Someone prayed for me during this time and she saw an 'exchange taking place between me and my Father, it's a completely unfair exchange because of his incredible grace. As I just be me and worship him He exchanges all He has with me....His victory, His healing, His goodness all His incredible promises.

We are heirs to the throne. As we receive all of this goodness from Him he then commissions us to be who he made us to be."

I believe and understand that only through total Surrender, total trust in God will he begin that exchange and share a deeper intimacy with us.

Aileen Lewis

Maureen Hopkins

Posted by Maureen Hopkins

25th May 2018

A message from Klara

Dear beloved church,

I am writing you this email because I am moving from England in a month and a half. And I cannot say how much I want to thank you for opening my heart to Jesus. I was looking for God during all my life. It took me 27 years to find Him and I finally find Him here (at Community Church). I still remember the feeling when I first came to the Alpha course 2 years ago. I remember how much I felt lonely especially because I was living here on my own without my family or friends. And then I met so many welcoming and warm people who were so kind to me. I started to understand more about God and after lot of my questions and lot of prayers I became a Christian. I attended a few Christian services back home in the Czech Republic but finally, I found my church, Yours. I love Our services. I love how strangers to me just approached me and gave me a message from God or prayed for me. I love the passion that people have for praying. I love how people were sharing their stories of what God did in their lives. I love the way Al, Gareth, Peter or anybody else explains what God did. I love worshipping. I sometimes had pictures that people just started to fly during worship like lots of angels. It is really amazing how simple tasks as serving a tea or welcoming people by the door, can be done with such a love.

Thank you for guiding me on my way to Jesus. Thank you for all your help and support.

Now I am preparing myself for moving back to the Czech Republic. I am a bit of nervous about how my life ends up there. I wasn't a Christian when I lived in Czech and I don't want to return to "old ways". My family are not Christians. Most of my family now know about my Christianity. I really hope I will find some similar Church nearby where I live. Please, can you pray for that? I know God loves me wherever I am and whichever Church I am attending but isn't that human nature to have a bit of fear?

Thank you for praying. Thank you for listening. Thank you for friendly hugging. Thank you for sharing your stories. Thank you, God for creating such a wonderful place. Thank you God for Jesus.

God love you all,
With love,

Maureen Hopkins

Posted by Maureen Hopkins








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