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27th March 2017

Testimony of Healing

A fantastic testimony of God's healing!:

"For about 3 weeks I had been suffering with a painful sore on the inside of my nose. It was very painful to touch and if I blew my nose it would bleed. I was just living with it and hoping that it would go away, but reaching the point of going to see my GP to get some relief.

On Sunday 19th March a word was given that there was someone (or some people) in the meeting suffering with nasal problems. I responded to this and when I was prayed for the pain immediately reduced. We prayed again and this time the pain completely vanished! I have been pain free ever since!

Thank you Jesus!"

Gareth McCormick

Posted by Gareth McCormick

28th February 2017

Healing from pain

Here's a testimony of healing from one of our church members:

"On Sunday 19th February during the church service there was a word of knowledge shared about someone with pain in their toe – and specifically that it was a toe that had a ring on it.

I have had an operation on one of my toes and it has been causing me a lot of pain recently. As part of the operation, they had placed a ring of some sort into the toe!

As soon as I received prayer for it the pain immediately left!

Thank you Jesus!"

We love to hear testimonies of what God's doing in our community. Drop us an email at if you've got a testimony that we can share!

Lizzie McMillan

Posted by Lizzie McMillan

17th February 2017

Healing testimony

It's always encouraging to hear testimonies about God healing people in our community. Here's a testimony that we received today:

"For about ten years I suffered with a condition similar to hay fever that was triggered by feeling cold rather than by pollen. If I woke up in the morning feeling cold I would have mucus running down my face, and I would spend the rest of the day sniffing as if I had a cold. I was prescribed a nasal spray by the doctor and I also found that antihistamine tables worked really well as long as I took them daily. Over the ten years I had prayer for healing many times (I would guess about 30 times). Often I would stop taking the tablets to check if I'd been healed, and then wake up 2 days later with mucus all over my face again. One week at church I asked a friend to pray for me, which he did. I stopped taking my medicine and discovered 2 days later that I wasn't healed.

The next week I asked the same friend to pray again. This time I woke up 2 days later feeling fine. I waited another 2 weeks to confirm that I was better and that the symptoms were really gone!

This happened one year ago. In the last year I have only taken 3 antihistamine tables, and none of these have been in the last six months. I am really thankful to God for my healing!"

Lizzie McMillan

Posted by Lizzie McMillan

2nd August 2016

"Alleluia! I am so thankful that Jesus has healed me"

Gareth shared with us on Sunday a testimony of the healing of 'degenerative changes at the base of both first metacarpals and the scaphotrapezoid joints' of one of our members.  Here's the full story!

"After suffering with pain and swelling in my thumbs for quite some time, I went to the doctor who organised x-rays of my hands and I received the above diagnosis. I was told nothing could be done - it was caused by age and wear and tear due to work. I was given exercises and told to take painkillers.

Over the next few months the condition worsened - I was finding it difficult to open bottles, do up buttons and undertake some of my work duties, such as teaching cycling. When I used the brakes my hands were in severe pain; and when teaching archery, pulling the string of the bow was painful (my job involves teaching children outdoor pursuits such as cycling, archery etc). The condition was affecting my work and at times I was despondent, feeling I did not want to get old and decrepit!

On 26th June 2016 after our church meeting I was chatting to a friend and he asked me if I would like to go climbing with him sometime. I told him that I couldn’t go, as I would not trust my hands due to this medical condition. He suggested that we should pray. I said ‘ok’. He prayed and my thumbs felt a little better. He prayed for a second time. This time I felt an intense pain shoot through my thumbs! I had to hold on to a nearby table as the pain was so sudden and severe! Then ALL pain disappeared.

The following week and from that point onwards I have been able to undertake many activities totally pain free! I have been cycling, doing archery, driving tractors, and all free from pain. The clicking and grinding noise that I could previously hear inside my thumb joints has gone too! Even typing this testimony would have been painful a few weeks ago. Not any more!

Alleluia! I am so thankful that Jesus has healed me."

Gareth McCormick

Posted by Gareth McCormick







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