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25th October 2017

Breakthrough in Healing - Jason's Story

I have suffered with bi-polar since the age of 19 and have been collecting dark comics and artwork since I was 11. Jesus had spoken to me previously about getting rid of them and I had to some extent although certain comics seemed to have a hold over me. I still possessed around 3000 comics artwork and books at this stage.

After receiving prayer one morning, I really felt I should be obedient to God and I began to destroy the dark items in my possession. They were worth a lot of money but I had it laid on my heart that to sell them would be allowing that darkness to infiltrate other hearts and minds. Over the course of the next four days, I destroyed them by tearing and burning them. I came across comic titles such as Die Polar, Freedom and Stronghold! As I destroyed them, my demeanour changed and I felt my mind clear and a healing breakthrough come.

Being prayed for at the Father Heart Conference in Bedford shortly afterwards gave God the perfect opportunity to restore me further.

I still have to take my medication which is recommended but for now I am believing for a breakthrough for healing.

I feel different, my spirit has lifted and I am recognising more of ME!

Maureen Hopkins

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