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16th November 2016

Demonstrating the lavishly generous nature of our Heavenly Father

For a church of less than 200 households we are phenomenally generous!

As I review the monthly offerings that have been given in the last calendar year this shows me that we have given approximately £19,500 to a wide selection of local & international charities. 

This all sounds amazing enough - but then add to this the fact that every penny of our church finances for staff salaries, facilities and utilities also comes from the tithes and gifts of this same bunch of people. 


What a privilege it is to be part of a family that consistently demonstrates the lavishly generous nature of our Heavenly Father - the Father who loves us so much that He chose to generously give His perfect Son to make the way open for us to come to Him. 

As the attention of the world around us begins to turn aggressively towards the material aspects of the Christmas season, let’s keep demonstrating our culture of generosity, knowing that such kindness is the language that the deaf can hear and that the blind can see, and that will draw human hearts to our amazing Saviour Jesus.

Gareth McCormick

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