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23rd February 2017

Stepping back into the waterfall

When we have the promise of such an abundant flow of grace and blessing from our Heavenly Father available to us at all times - why on earth would we choose to position ourselves anywhere outside of that flow?

I hope that you found the image of the guy standing in the waterfall to be helpful last Sunday. I have been seeking to cultivate a mindset that is poised to step back into that place of His resource and His love as the pressures and complexities of life keep crushing in and can so easily rob me of my peace and my joy.

I have found myself taking brief moments at all times of the day just to re-align my heart and strengthen myself in His presence in this way. I hope that this little tool will be a blessing for all of us as we seek to navigate every aspect of our days together with Him rather than on our own.

Have a blessing-filled week.

Gareth McCormick

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