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3rd April 2017

Stepping out of the comfort zone!

One of our members shared this with us recently - God's at work!

"I was out with my mum at the residential home and I overheard the receptionist there talking about suffering with degenerative disks in her neck. I felt inspired to step out of my comfort zone to offer to pray for her and to my surprise she accepted!

As I prayed for her I really felt God's presence in a powerful way. I could see in her body language that she was really experiencing His love and peace. Her whole countenance changed and afterwards she physically had an increased range of movement and quite substantial relief which really lifted her.

I hope to bump into her again and see how she’s getting on. God is on the move!"

We love to hear your stories of stepping out and praying for people, what God's up to in your neighbourhood and testimonies of God's healing power. Email us at !

Gareth McCormick

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