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18th March 2017

Burdens replaced with peace

In Matthew 11:28-30, Jesus invites us to give Him our burdens and He'll give us rest. Here's the testimony of one of our members who experienced this recently:

"After Charlotte's excellent preach on 'Joy' on 26th Feb, people were invited to come forward for prayer. I had been feeling very burdened about some tough life circumstances and although I'd been praying, I was feeling robbed of joy and peace. I went forward and received prayer.

A few days later I realised that I had been living with much greater peace since that Sunday morning. The circumstances of life that had been resting so heavily on my mind had not changed, but something inside me had!

I am now living with confidence that God is in control.

He is good!"

Lizzie McMillan

Posted by Lizzie McMillan

14th March 2017

Partnering in prayer

We love to receive your testimonies of what God's up to!

This encouraging testimony from one of our members shows how we can bring God's hope into the lives of others:

"My neighbour was made redundant in November. He's been living on his redundancy package for a number of months and has found it difficult getting other job offers.

We met for coffee in a busy restaurant in Liverpool St station earlier this week and when he told me all of this I felt like I should offer to pray for him. He knows I'm a Christian but I've never had the opportunity to offer prayer before. To my surprise he said yes. I got to pray for him there and then in the restaurant and he thanked me.

I'm faithful that God will answer that prayer and I pray that I will also get more opportunity to share the love of Jesus with him.

Please partner in prayer with me for the provision of a job for my neighbour."

If you have a testimony that you'd like to share on our blog, please email

Lizzie McMillan

Posted by Lizzie McMillan

8th March 2017

Enough is enough!

When is Enough Enough?

Enough was enough when my little sister ate a whole box of 12 large cream eclairs at one sitting!

Enough was enough when Jesus cried ‘ it is finished’ before His final breath on the cross.

But ‘Enough’ will not be enough prayer until Jesus returns to wrap-up life on earth as it is and usher in life on the new earth as He promised.

Three times a year the ‘Enough’ half-nights of prayer run throughout the Relational Mission family of churches in the UK and overseas to call on God to act decisively in this world and in the lives of people we know who need Him, whether they realize it yet or not.

We’re going to keep calling on God like the persistent widow Jesus spoke of ‘to teach us to pray and not give up’.

‘Enough’ is not yet enough!

For further details about the Enough event on Friday 17th March, go to

Peter Vincent

Posted by Peter Vincent

8th February 2017

Heart Change

A fantastic testimony from someone who attended CCBS last Sunday:

"I came to Church on Sunday, and I’ve been struggling- most specifically with some huge challenges at work. I received prayer and  today the whole landscape has changed within me (so stuff's the same, but I am different…I am blessed).

I feel able, confident and excited. I haven’t felt like that about my work for weeks, probably months.

Its a heart change - the situations are the same - but my heart has changed."


Maureen Hopkins

Posted by Maureen Hopkins







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