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16th March 2017

Terry's Poem

Terry wrote a poem on Saturday which fitted well with our Sunday preach...


I am especially chosen
I am wonderfully made too
I am reflecting your image

I am totally forgiven
I am saved for all time too
I am free from death and sin

I am made righteous
I am made worthy too
I am clothed in pure white garments

I am fully healed
I am restored too
I am reinvigorated

I am so empowered
I am so enabled too
I am now successful

I am so full of your love
I am overwhelmed with joy too
I am blessed by tranquil peace

I am your disciple
I am your ambassador too
I am your representative

I am so full of purpose
I am so contented too
My life is so enlivened

I am so very blessed
I am so gifted too
I am somewhat talented

I’m filled with vibrant worship
I’m full of much praise too
I am overflowing with grateful thanks

Maureen Hopkins

Posted by Maureen Hopkins

9th December 2015


Your thoughts are powerful. Your mental agreement either empowers lies or truth. So what are you agreeing with at the moment?

When God speaks, God creates and His word is powerful. But the human mind is the only context in all of creation, which can choose to be unfruitful in response to God’s word.

This is an astonishing truth and it reveals to us just how highly God prizes our free will. He will not violate the human heart, but rather His desire is that we would willingly choose Him, for when we do so, the creative potential of His word is suddenly released in us!

To put it another way, our choice releases His reward.

This is why the transformed mind that Romans 12:2 speaks of is so vital for the Christian. We are commanded – pleaded with – not to mindlessly wander through life allowing our thinking to be shaped by the pressures and patterns of the world around us. Why would we allow ourselves to do so when we have the opportunity to renew our thinking according to the pattern of heaven? When Jesus reprimanded his disciple Peter, saying, “Get behind me Satan!” he went on to say, “…for your mind is not set on the things of God, but on the things of men.”

The shocking truth revealed here is that ordinary human thinking is not only devoid of the things of God, but it is actually satanically inspired! Yikes! Truly, I cannot afford to live believing anything about myself or my circumstances that God says is not true!

God’s daily invitation to us is to be a people who are devoted to changing the way we think – re-aligning our minds with the wonderful truth of His Kingdom. This is the true meaning of repentance – turning away from an inferior and destructive way of thinking and embracing the higher, fuller, life-giving way of thinking that only Jesus reveals. He has come to give us life in all of its abundance (John 10:10) – don’t allow yourself to be stolen from one second longer!

My prayer is that the recent “Transformed” sermon series that we ran over the Autumn term will have helped to equip us all to lay hold of this full and glorious life. If you missed some of the sermons then please do click on the media section of the website and listen back.

Gareth McCormick

Posted by Gareth McCormick

25th November 2015

Consider It Pure Joy

On Sunday I had the privilage of speaking from James 1:1-18, majoring on verse 2, as part of our 'Transformed' series.  The big idea that I was trying to communicate from the text was that we are to view trials and difficult circumstances as opportunities to grow and mature in our faith and how this only happens when we choose joy in these seasons.

As part of the sermon, I shared some of my own personal struggles with depression and alcohol.  I shared how I have noticed that when my life gets stormy I react in a way that seeks alcohol as a way of comorting me.  What the book of James does to us is challenge us to make our instant reaction one of joy rather than beer, money, sex or whatever your struggle may be.

On Sunday afternoon I found myself thinking about the sermon and how what I really wanted to communicate was that our goal as believers is not to simply say 'No' to sin (although that is a good thing!) but to say 'Yes' to Jesus.

As James shows us in these few verses, it can be simply expressed in these three short words:  Jesus is better.  Jesus is better than alcohol.  He is a greater comfort and support than sex.  And He is more consistant and faithful than any person or means of escape that this world can offer.

So what do you run to when life gets hard?  Where do you go when the storm rages?  Let me encourage you today to try running to Jesus because He is so much better.

Nic Lines

Posted by Nic Lines

9th October 2015

Book review: Hosting the Presence

As part of my introduction to my sermon a few Sundays ago I mentioned how over the last year it has felt as though God has been slowly turning up the temperature of His preserve amongst us, not just on Sunday mornings but throughout our entire community. People are being saved, healed and experiencing deliverance from addictions and depression. In fact we've seen 27 people baptised in three months. It's an amazing community to be apart of and a privilege to be witnessing God at work.

However, as I said on that Sunday, we have a responsibility to steward this precious presence if we want to continue to see Him increase amongst us. There is a Biblical principal that Jesus shares with us in Matthew 10 when He says, in the context of supernatural ministry, "Freely you have received; freely give."

It's my conviction that God loves to bless and give us more, but He wants to know that He can trust us with the more. It's what the parable of the talents is all about (Matthew 14) and it's a true sign that we have really grasped and understood the gift in the first place.

This entire principle has been highlighted to me through reading this book, 'Hosting the presence' by Bill Johnson. It is a practical and challenging read on how we can both host and steward the presence of God in our lives and I think it is a perfect read for us as a family living in the season we are in. One endorsement of this book was from international author Randy Clark who said "You won't want to miss this read, buy it and experience Him by putting into practice all of wisdom contained in its pages. I believe if books were allowed in heaven, this would be on the best seller list." High praise indeed.

You can buy the book here and if you do, please let us know how you get on.

Nic Lines

Posted by Nic Lines







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