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12th July 2017

Mission Trip to Helsinki & Stockholm!

Our two ID Interns, Sam and Lizzy, recently went on an outreach trip as part of their year-long programme. Here, Lizzy fills us in on what they got up to...

"On a sunny Thursday morning in June, we made our way to Gatwick Airport, checked ourselves in, got our second (or third) coffee of the morning, went through security, sprayed ourselves with duty free perfume and got on the plane! Two and half hours later we landed in Helsinki with ice on the steps as we walked off the plane into a cloudy but beautiful city. We were greeted by some wonderful people from the local Risen Light Church. We got on our first of many trains during the whole trip and went to a dinner at one of our host families where we heard all about the vision of the church and captured their heart for this amazing city.

Friday was a day of culture, visiting some lovely sights of Helsinki and had fun adventure-walking in a cave and learning about the local history. In the evening, we had a worship and prayer night as we cried out to God for breakthrough in the city.

The next day was all about outreach! I find this kind of thing terrifying, but I was courageous and approached a lady with the question “do you speak English?”. We explained that we were Christians and believe in a God who loves to heal and we would love to pray for her. It was a big step of faith for me and I really felt God really used me in that situation. Everyone came back with exciting stories to tell!

Then, after a 17-hour ferry journey, we arrived at our next stop: Stockholm.

Our first visit was to an old people’s home where we chatted with some very interesting people. One of the ladies we spoke to was a very negative and didn’t have anything positive to say, but when we left she said to the organiser “they give me such hope for the future” which was such an encouragement to hear.

Our time in Stockholm was filled with lots of visits to different church organisations.

We visited the Salvation Army, a youth group and a woman’s centre where some of us helped in different classes. I helped in a cycling class and chatted to the ladies about what we were doing and shared a bit of love. We had a day of outreach where we prayed with people in a shopping centre, had great chats and saw some incredible healings. One lady had experienced bad back pain for years and told us that her mum had been praying for her! She cried with overwhelming happiness as she told us she had been healed, and told all the people she worked with! One of the girls in our team who prayed with her lives in Stockholm so is going to meet up with her.

I experienced my first ‘Pancake Church’ where we gave out free pancakes to people passing by which was lots of fun and we had many great chats. Two of our team spoke with a man that didn't know much English but with the help of Google Translate they spread the love of God and had a prayer huddle, it was a beautiful thing to see!

It was an amazing trip … my faith has grown as I witnessed healings, saw people conquer fears, and met some great people at Risen Light Church and Grace Church. I would LOVE to go back!"

If you'd like to find out more about ID, visit 

Lizzie McMillan

Posted by Lizzie McMillan

8th March 2017

Enough is enough!

When is Enough Enough?

Enough was enough when my little sister ate a whole box of 12 large cream eclairs at one sitting!

Enough was enough when Jesus cried ‘ it is finished’ before His final breath on the cross.

But ‘Enough’ will not be enough prayer until Jesus returns to wrap-up life on earth as it is and usher in life on the new earth as He promised.

Three times a year the ‘Enough’ half-nights of prayer run throughout the Relational Mission family of churches in the UK and overseas to call on God to act decisively in this world and in the lives of people we know who need Him, whether they realize it yet or not.

We’re going to keep calling on God like the persistent widow Jesus spoke of ‘to teach us to pray and not give up’.

‘Enough’ is not yet enough!

For further details about the Enough event on Friday 17th March, go to

Peter Vincent

Posted by Peter Vincent

22nd February 2017

Pete's encounter with God at Sent 2017

Last weekend Miriam and I went to the Sent conference in Norwich. It was one of the best conferences I’ve been to for a long time and as I’ve raved about it to numerous people, they’ve asked me: "Why was it so good?"

I reckon it was sooo good because of three things:

1. It opened my eyes to all that God is doing not just in the UK but across the world.

There is something wonderfully faith-building about being part of a family churches which is bringing God’s Kingdom into towns, cities and villages in many nations across the world. It’s a bit like climbing a hill or a mountain focusing on walking the path in front of you taking one step at a time. Going to Sent was like stopping, turning around, and admiring the view.

Seeing the breadth of what God is doing is truly awe-inspiring and it makes the situations I’m facing seem very small.

2. Being part of a wider family.

Anyone who has been to King’s Church in Norwich will know that the catering is top quality but what really made the meals memorable was the conversation. Half the tables were given specific interest topics such as the prophetic, God at work or visual media. This led to meaningful conversations, which has mean that meaningful connections have been made which I’m sure will continue for years to come.

3. Personal transformation.

Working for the Church means I’m in my fair share of ministry times but during the sessions at Sent I felt God speak to me and deal with me more clearly and powerfully than I’ve had for a long time. I think this was in part due to being in the context of a relational family but also due to the fantastic worship and having teams of prophets present.

All in all I think that this conference will impact me for years to come.  I’d recommend it to anyone who can get there!

If you ask me in person, I’m sure I’ll rave about it more!

For talks and more info about Sent then check out

Pete Williams

Posted by Pete Williams

13th June 2016

CCBS Leadership Blog

‘British Christianity isn’t dying. It’s sleeping. Evangelism can awaken it.’

This was the title of an article published in the Daily Telegraph this last week that was also quoted as part of the opening preach at the Relational Mission Leadership Conference. The resounding message from the secular press and Christian leaders is that the church isn’t dead but poised for growth. How will this happen? By each one of us taking hold of the great commission’s call to live as Christ’s witnesses each day.

As a church we also believe that we are poised and ready for God to move in our community. As we begin to step out and share our faith, one by one, we can trust that God will transform lives. It’s what we see Him do in the New Testament, it’s what we’ve seen him do throughout church history and it’s what we’ve seen Him do in our own town.

In the last 12 months we have seen 30 people baptised and each baptism represents a story of how God has broken into someone’s life and brought His power and hope filled presence into their hearts and minds. We have now have a fantastic ‘on ramp’ into church life through the Alpha, Equipped to Grow and Ignite courses, which allow people to meet Jesus for themselves, build great foundations and then learn to run with their new faith all the space of 12 months if they choose to.

As each one of us embraces the call to be a witness to Christ’s transforming power in our lives, we believe that we as a church will multiply and the next step in this journey is the launching of our second meeting.

That is why from the 11th September we will meeting at 9h30 and 11h30 every Sunday; so that we have space to welcome those who God is adding to us and those who God will add to our number in the future. This has been such an exciting journey for us as a church family so far but I do believe that through each one of us embracing our call to be Christ’s witnesses the best is yet to come! #everyoneawitness

Pete Williams

Posted by Pete Williams








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