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5th March 2018

Himalayan Rescue!

I’m praising God for a wonderful rescue of people who are very dear to me.
My godson Joshua and his wife Lydia were on a ski trip in the Himalayas last week. One morning they set out with her brother and two other guys from their hotel, but Josh noticed that a band on one of his skis was broken, so he had to return to the hotel. Lydia went on with her brother and the other two.

Long story short... they got lost! Six hours later they were completely lost in the Himalayas! No phone signal, tired, cold, and anxious. No way to let Josh or anyone else know where they were, and it was now dark.

Then they noticed some lights ahead of them - and at that moment, Lydia’s phone picked up signal. It only lasted 2 minutes, but that was enough for her to call Josh, who alerted the police, who called the army and set a rescue in motion.

Already this is a great story, but there’s more...
Unknown to them, there had been a terrorist attack on the local armed forces, and orders had been given to shoot on sight anyone who ventured on to that part of the mountain! That two-minute signal was just enough for the police to advise the army not to shoot, but rather to rescue. Can you imagine how it would have been without God’s perfect timing?

They were brought off the mountain to safety by the police and army, who fed them a wonderful meal - Josh was reunited with them too by then - and they were all told off severely for going without a guide! They didn’t tell their parents until they got home, but it transpired that on the day it had happened, both Joshua’s and Lydia’s mums had felt a sudden urgency to pray for them.
God, I am so grateful for Your goodness and kindness and for never taking Your eyes off us!
Barbara Dean

Maureen Hopkins

Posted by Maureen Hopkins

6th June 2017

'Treasure Hunting' in Kent!

Here's a testimony from Miguel:

"I went out in Northfleet during May to do some Treasure-Hunting (by this I mean that I had got together with a bunch of Christians who are doing a course with me based in Eastgate church in north Kent, and we asked the Holy Spirit to give us some clues about the people that He wanted us to meet and bless in the street). The clues that He gave me were as follows…

Location: Bread Shop / Cartwheel.
Appearance: Red Tie / Bald head.
Name: Wilfred / Fred / Will.
Needs: Cancer.

We walked through Northfleet town and didn’t seem to be finding anything on our list, but then suddenly we saw a horse & cart complete with cartwheels! On the cart were two boys. They offered us a ride on a cart for £10. We explained that we were Christians and that we were doing this spiritual treasure-hunt using the list of clues given to us by the Holy Spirit. They said that they were also Christians and that they loved the Holy Spirit! They told us that they were waiting for their Granddad who was in the barber shop. They excitedly told us that he was a priest & that he had just come back from a visit to Jerusalem!

A short while later the Granddad came out and confirmed to us all that the boys had told us. We explained to him what we were doing and showed him the list that Holy Spirit had given us. He said that his friend’s name was Fred and that he was suffering with cancer.

We prayed together for Fred’s healing, blessed one another, and parted company laughing at how God had amazingly orchestrated all of these details – Cartwheel, Fred, & Cancer - So good to see God’s heart to encourage, bless, and heal people out on the streets on a regular Saturday afternoon!"

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Gareth McCormick

Posted by Gareth McCormick

31st May 2017

Guidance from God

A church member shares her story of how God guided her....

After the abuse I suffered at a previous church, I almost gave up and decided not to attend any church.

For over a year and a half, I was praying to God, asking him to guide me to a church that I could attend with my children. During this season, I continued to ask God for direction. At one point, I had a dream:
In this dream I was walking around, in search of a particular place. As I was walking, I realised that I couldn't find the place I was looking for. All of a sudden, I saw a man who asked me where I was going. I told him that I have an appointment but I don't know where the exact location is. He pointed to a building in the distance, so I followed the direction. In front of the building, I saw a large banner at the entrance saying in bold, 'Liberation of the Children of God'. At the sight of this I was instantly relieved and I could feel the presence of God. As I was standing there, I heard the voice of the Holy Spirit saying that everyone who enters into this building will be set free, burdens will be lifted, and yokes will be broken. I soon woke up.

To my surprise, I saw the same person who was in my dream, about a week later. I narrated the dream to him. After I narrated it, he asked me where I go to church. I told him I was currently looking for a church to fellowship. The person wrote 'The Charis Centre, Bishop's Stortford' on a piece of paper. He told me to pray about the church and to find more information about it on the internet. As a result of my previous experience however, I did not have a great desire to visit a new church and lost the paper. A year passed  and I forgot about it. I was looking for something and coincidentally found the piece of paper that was given to me a year ago. When I found it, I said to my children that I believe that this is the time for us to start going to church again. I looked up the address of the church. I prayed about it again and told my children that we would visit the church. This was before my children were due to return to university. As we were about to enter the church, I said to my children, this is exactly the building I saw in my dream. On the first day, I felt the presence of God there and the worship and the atmosphere was marvellous. I felt so calm in my spirit.

Another thing that surprised me was that a few days before we first came, I had a revelation where the Lord showed me the great revival that is coming to this nation and I heard the voice of the Lord say that this is the time where the church should 'preach about the good news of Christ'. The very first day we came to the church, a message was preached under the series title, 'To Boldly Go'. Overall, I feel as though this second dream was a confirmation that the power of God is in this church and that the word is awesome here.

Maureen Hopkins

Posted by Maureen Hopkins

16th May 2017

Disabling Cluster Migraine healed!

Here's an amazing story from one of our members!

"On the 16th October 2016, the pupil of my right eye suddenly dilated. It looked three times the size of my left pupil! Accompanying this came a severe migraine-like headache. My GP referred me to A&E and I subsequently spent five days in hospital in isolation in a mostly dark room where I received treatment for what they thought was bacterial meningitis, later re-diagnosed as viral meningitis.

I had numerous CT scans, X-rays, blood tests, antibiotics, a lumber puncture and an MRI scan as an out-patient. The NHS is incredible! The MRI showed that I had an abnormal mass on the right-hand side of my brain. After 8 days of neuro-surgeon review, they concluded that this ‘mass’ was ‘of no clinical concern.’

The symptoms continued and were severe. I had almost constant migraine pain, pain behind my right eye, tunnel vision, & I felt faint and dizzy. I experienced facial paralysis; I would stutter and sometimes lose the ability to speak. I was nauseous and would often vomit. I was unable to read and suffered memory loss. My hearing was dulled or extremely sensitised. Sometimes I could not open my eyes. At times I would suffer hallucinations and have violent and horrific dreams. The GP concluded that I was suffering from Chronic Cluster Migraines. My Occupational Health Therapist advised that I was formally categorised as “disabled.” I was unable to work at all between October 2016 and March 2017.

Throughout this time God was so very close to me. My church family were amazing... so many people faithfully praying for me and caring for me in practical ways. What a blessing to have such a family! God spoke to me, reminding me of His intended future for me. It seemed like an impossible situation, but God kept reminding me that He is the God of the impossible, and He kept reminding me that this condition was not from Him.

On the 20th March 2017, I went to a healing meeting led by Randy Clark at the King’s Arms Church Bedford. At one point in the meeting people began sharing words of knowledge for specific healing. The first word that I heard was ‘migraine’. I know that a lot of people suffer with migraines, but when that word was spoken my body started to tingle and I felt a jolt inside my head. I suddenly began to have severe pain behind my eyes.

The next word that I heard was, ‘mass on the right side of the head’ – suddenly the pain in my head increased. It felt as though someone’s hands were inside my skull and were moving things around and cutting things out! Next I heard the words, ‘pain behind the eyes’ – my eyes started to smart and itch. While people around me were praying I felt like my head was going to explode! The pressure – the movement inside my skull – the pain was immense! Suddenly the pain left and I opened my eyes. It felt like I could breathe again for the first time in five months! There was no pain whatsoever! It was the most extraordinary feeling of release – I was free!

The next two weeks were spent feeling completely exhausted – just sleeping lots! I could hardly believe the contrast of being now pain free! The headaches have not returned. My dreams are now much lovelier. I am still working on my memory and my ability to concentrate. I am learning to be kind to myself. I am working my way back into full-time work. And most importantly, I am able to spend really good pain-free fun time with my two boys and my family!

God is so good!"

Gareth McCormick

Posted by Gareth McCormick








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