About us

Vision, Values & Culture

Who are we?

We believe God’s church has a future and we can be part of it. The vision, values and cultures of Community Church are in line with the Bible as well as being shaped by words we believe God has spoken specifically to us.


The vision is the big picture destination that we are travelling towards and we want to be the 'family of God, in the presence of God, displaying the glory of God.' You can read more about our vision here


Values shape our thinking and characterise our behaviour. God’s word as recorded in the Bible is the reference point for our values and our values point inwards to each other, upwards  towards God, and outwards  to the wider community. You can read about some of the core values that we hold here


Whilst our vision is about where we are going, our cultures describe how we behave on the journey. We want to create a culture that is honouring, passionate, authentic, generous and courageous. These cultures express the beliefs, traditions and practices of us as a community and individuals. You can read more about our cultures here

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