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7th May 2019


God wants His house full – and we love the fact that He keeps bringing more people to us here in Community Church! So…we’re making plans on how to make room for the people who keep coming to our Sunday meetings. Here’s a link to a 5 minute summary and 17 minute full version video in outlining the 3 stage journey ahead in a hop skip and jump, starting with the hop in September this year….

Look out for the Week of Prayer at the end of June and the Church-wide Survey to follow to give your input to planning the journey ahead.

With love, Peter

Maureen Hopkins

Posted by Maureen Hopkins

2nd April 2019

A second chance

A few months ago, Ben was contemplating suicide. He had managed to leave the mental health unit without anyone realising and was in a desperate state. For years he had struggled with drugs, alcohol and mental health issues. Fortunately he was found just before he was able to do anything and safely returned to the hospital. The lady who found him put a trypraying booklet in his pocket as he got into the ambulance. Ben started to read the book with a nurse who happened to be a Christian. After a couple of days Ben announced he wanted help with rehabilitation and wished to be transferred to a specialist clinic. Within a week he was transferred.

Ben is now drug and alcohol free without having had any withdrawal symptoms and now regularly attends church. He still reads his trypraying book.

Maureen Hopkins

Posted by Maureen Hopkins

2nd April 2019

An extract from the latest TryPraying news

We heard an astounding story this weekend. A dear woman bought trypraying booklets and kept them in her bag to give away when appropriate. One day her non-Christian neighbour called round to ask her to pray because her husband had been diagnosed with cancer. She said she would pray and gave them each a trypraying booklet. A couple of weeks later she met him walking the dog on the beach. He said "That booklet: good read! I've read it twice. This God is a mighty big God, isn't he? I have to come out here to a vast place to meet a vast God. He is listening to me." They are blown away because they heard he no longer has cancer.

We're just telling it as we heard it!

Thank you for being part of this adventure.

Maureen Hopkins

Posted by Maureen Hopkins

27th March 2019

God's provision!

Recently Steve Cain prophesied financial blessing over the church. I thought “yes please Lord”. Immediately I received a tax rebate and I rejoiced and thanked God and thought that was it. But a week or so later I received an unexpected amount of money, and when I put it into my savings account, I saw it equaled the amount of money I have had to take out of savings in order to live since my husband died 2.5 years ago. Father God has given me two and a half years worth of provision!!

My heart sang and I danced and praised God virtually non stop for several days. Its made me feel very secure and very cherished.

Aline Taylor

Maureen Hopkins

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