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16th November 2017

Nikki's Testimony

Leading up to the meeting on Sunday 15th October, I had been experiencing terrible pain in my right side for quite some time. I thought that perhaps it was a very bad kidney infection. I couldn't sleep on that side as the pain was so bad.

I had been praying, drinking water and cranberry juice - doing all that I could to find relief - but the pain got very intense leading up to that weekend, and I really didn't want to go have to go to the doctor.

At church that Sunday, the Supergang children were invited to pray for anyone who was sick. I went forward for prayer and one little girl came up to me and asked what the problem was. I told her about the pain and that I didn't want to go to the doctor. She immediately turned round called over 2 other children, giving them some firm instructions… "You, come here, and you, come here. You touch her here and you touch her there. She doesn't want to go to the doctor, she is afraid.” This little girl had such confidence & authority!

They prayed simple but powerful prayers and the pain totally left my body later that day and has not returned. I am healed! I have no pain in my right side. I can sleep with ease again.

Thank you Jesus!!

Maureen Hopkins

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Maureen Hopkins
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