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1st February 2018

God provides

I was enjoying a cheapo summer holiday in Cyprus and I made the mistake of looking at my work emails. Two emails came in on the same morning cancelling lucrative potential work. It felt like the last straw as my company profits were plummeting and I had just forgone a comfortable income from local politics. I knelt down and handed it over to God saying I’ve given it my best shot God, now it’s over to you. I marked the occasion by taking a photo of the floor where I knelt to pray.

On my first day back at work I received a phone call from a competitor in Harlow asking to meet. Jason wanted to dispose of his printing company. I had no money to offer for a sale but a deal was struck whereby I pay a commission on turnover for the next 3 years. This addition to my company has lifted us out of the red and rescued us in a time when printing businesses are closing all around.

There is a whole lot more to the story but this is a clear answer to a heartfelt prayer.
John Barfoot

Maureen Hopkins

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Dave Piek
Maureen Hopkins
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