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5th March 2018

Himalayan Rescue!

I’m praising God for a wonderful rescue of people who are very dear to me.
My godson Joshua and his wife Lydia were on a ski trip in the Himalayas last week. One morning they set out with her brother and two other guys from their hotel, but Josh noticed that a band on one of his skis was broken, so he had to return to the hotel. Lydia went on with her brother and the other two.

Long story short... they got lost! Six hours later they were completely lost in the Himalayas! No phone signal, tired, cold, and anxious. No way to let Josh or anyone else know where they were, and it was now dark.

Then they noticed some lights ahead of them - and at that moment, Lydia’s phone picked up signal. It only lasted 2 minutes, but that was enough for her to call Josh, who alerted the police, who called the army and set a rescue in motion.

Already this is a great story, but there’s more...
Unknown to them, there had been a terrorist attack on the local armed forces, and orders had been given to shoot on sight anyone who ventured on to that part of the mountain! That two-minute signal was just enough for the police to advise the army not to shoot, but rather to rescue. Can you imagine how it would have been without God’s perfect timing?

They were brought off the mountain to safety by the police and army, who fed them a wonderful meal - Josh was reunited with them too by then - and they were all told off severely for going without a guide! They didn’t tell their parents until they got home, but it transpired that on the day it had happened, both Joshua’s and Lydia’s mums had felt a sudden urgency to pray for them.
God, I am so grateful for Your goodness and kindness and for never taking Your eyes off us!
Barbara Dean

Maureen Hopkins

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Maureen Hopkins
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