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3rd April 2018

God Heals!

I recently suffered a nasty tear in my knee ligaments on a mountain in the Lake District. It was a type 2 strain, and was causing me some significant pain. A few weeks a go we had some church members over for lunch, one of our guests asked if I would like prayer, so after lunch we sat down on the sofa and he laid hands on me. I instantly felt strong warmth and my knee was improved hugely. The problem did not go away completely, but if the pain and lack of movement was an 8- it instantly dropped to a 3.

Last week my wife prayed for my knee again. The heat was incredible in my knee she prayed - I could feel something happening and it really improved again. I feel I want to share this testimony in faith that God may not always obliterate whatever we are praying for, but I can say for sure God heals. I'm continuing to receive prayer for my knee and believe that God will heal it completely, and remain grateful for the prayer that boosted my hope and took away a whole heap of discomfort.

Maureen Hopkins

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Maureen Hopkins
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