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17th April 2018

God's Provision

Back in the 80’s Maureen and I were struggling financially with two children to support, mortgage to pay etc. all on my single income. I went to some trusted Christian friends for advice and the first thing they asked was “are you tithing?” “What?” I responded, “Our bank account is already overdrawn every month - how can we afford to tithe?” But deep inside I knew they were right.

I set up a standing order to give a tenth of our income and a few days later we went to Kingdom Faith - a week long Christian camp at Peterborough. One seminar there was about finances and budgeting, but we had paid for the camp, bought tapes of meetings etc. so I wondered if we had overspent. However, at the end of that month we were NOT overdrawn for the first time in ages! We hadn’t had time to even start budgeting so I had to check our bank statement several times - there was no extra income and to this day I can’t explain it other than God somehow intervened. 

Through the years since then I’ve had a couple of periods of being out of work, but there has always been food on the table and we’ve never really had to struggle - God has always provided.

Maureen Hopkins

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