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30th November 2014

The promise of joy

I believe that preaching is a privilege and the goal is to see lives changed and God glorified. That’s my prayer every time I share the word of God and I hope that you left this Sunday’s service feeling like I had achieved that in some degree.

I shared some personal struggles that Amy and I have been walking through in the last 18 months and specifically how depression is a happiness stealer! This was all in the context of how Jesus offers us a lasting joy that is above and beyond our personal struggles.

I felt it important to note, after Sundays preach, that depression is a real issue in our culture and something we shouldn’t ignore. For Amy and I we have benefited over the months from weeks of Christian counselling, CBT, transforming prayer and many honest conversations with close and dearly loved friends.

If you are in this place we would both want to sincerely encourage you to seek help and the first step is being honest with yourself and some close friends/family.

Don’t forget, the take away point form Sunday was that Jesus isn’t simply the light at the end of the tunnel but He’s the sustaining joy that keeps us going through the tunnel. Cling on to Him and He will come.

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Maureen Hopkins
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