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7th June 2018

Experience in Worship

I wanted to share what I experienced and saw during church on June 3rd. During one of the worship song the words "Unfailing love" leapt out I heard God say my love never fails you. I closed my eyes and was standing on the shoreline looking at the sea, I then saw Jesus running towards me, then a mighty wave rushing at me, I couldn't move the wave crashed over me, I felt the force of Gods love, rushing through me, covering me, felt the weight of his glory could barely stand , it felt incredible, felt such freedom, I let out such a scream as wave after wave after wave came crashing over me.
It was an amazing encounter with the Father.

Someone prayed for me during this time and she saw an 'exchange taking place between me and my Father, it's a completely unfair exchange because of his incredible grace. As I just be me and worship him He exchanges all He has with me....His victory, His healing, His goodness all His incredible promises.

We are heirs to the throne. As we receive all of this goodness from Him he then commissions us to be who he made us to be."

I believe and understand that only through total Surrender, total trust in God will he begin that exchange and share a deeper intimacy with us.

Aileen Lewis

Maureen Hopkins

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Maureen Hopkins
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