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9th January 2015

New freedom at Wednesday encounter

Wow that was a special Encounter night on Wednesday! We entered a new level of freedom as we met together and let the Spirit lead us in a way that none of us expected.

He sometimes seems to do things like that, perhaps to reach into parts of our hearts that tend to be untouched in the more usual routines of our Christian lives. I’ve already had testimony of that from the evening, bearing out of what Ro sang so powerfully about rising up from the ashes to new life. 
It seemed like the way the Spirit broke over us after Angela’s unusual prophetic word of ‘drip, drip drip…….’ was both a reinforcement of how He had been soaking us in His presence through the evening (like sponges) and also a picture of how we can expect God to be "leaking" out of us - drip drip drip – as we live our lives among others.

Let’s expect that, look out for it, and follow it as we look to see what the Spirit is doing and act on it – just like Jesus did.

Exciting times! What will God do this Sunday?

Ps- It was brilliant to talk to two guests afterwards who don’t yet know Jesus, had thoroughly enjoyed the whole evening and want to do the next alpha course.

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