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26th June 2019

Adventures in Prayer : 24/7 Prayer room

Adventures in Prayer
24/7 Prayer Room:
It occurs to us that a lot of people are probably not used to a 24/7 prayer room and do not know what to expect. This may be putting off some people from signing up to come and pray. So I thought I would give you some idea of what to expect.

The first time I entered a 24/7 prayer room was many years ago and it was based in Braintree Baptist Church. I had a night time slot and as I entered the room the presence of God was tangible in a way I had not experienced before. The room was very peaceful and yet “alive” with God. There was a CD player playing worship music and a selection of CD’s. On one side of the room there was a large sheet of paper attached to the wall and many people had written prayers, words, scripture verses etc. There was a small twig tree where people hung prayers they had written. I can’t remember what else was there but I have incorporated some or all of these ideas into various 24/7 rooms over the years and some will be available this time too.

The thought of praying solidly for an hour can be a bit daunting for a lot of people but a 24/7 prayer room encourages people to connect with God and share their hearts with Him in a variety of ways many of which are creative. There is no right or wrong way to pray during this time. If a scripture verse or a concern inspires to you to draw or paint then do so and offer it back to God, if you want to sing and worship and pray for the hour then do so. Feel free to read and respond to written prayers from books or the bible – these can be prayed aloud or quietly. People can take time to write out what they think God is saying to them through His still small voice or through scripture etc. If God speaks something personal to you then don’t feel you have to share it with everyone unless in a general way or by writing out a scripture that may have inspired. This is your time to spend with God and you can do it however you choose although focusing on praying through the Lord’s Prayer is often a good start. Obviously it would be good to pray for the concerns of CCBS at this time (as talked about in the adventures in prayer booklet) and to ask God for His word for the church.

Basically you can use a 24/7 prayer room as your time with God to be as honest and open as you choose and it is just between you and God. No one is going to judge you if you do or don’t write on the prayer wall, or use music, or read scripture out loud.
If anyone is still feeling uncertain then please go onto the 24/7 website to help you see what they suggest. The link is

Don’t worry about how to pray or what will happen, just give time to God and see what He will do and don’t miss out.



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