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25th June 2020


We are now going to begin a new series called Reset. This will be a 4 week series based in Hebrews chapter 12.

As we navigate the effect of the pandemic we want to explore what is God saying to us through it (Luke 12:54). Numerous prophetic voices across the globe have been prompted to speak of a shaking the earth and a resetting of the church to fulfil his command, to glorify his name in all the earth. In seeking to discern the times this series will also be drawing from the crafted prophetic word from Graham Cooke in July of last year (here) which we have reviewed. We believe that the five fold ministries of Eph 4:11-12 are applicable today and have never been rescinded and prophecy is Christ centred.

Throughout scripture God uses situations for his purposes. We do not believe the viral pandemic is direct from his hand. The creation is in decay, people do foolish things and the ruler of this world (Satan) thrives on and promotes sickness and disease. Despite this God will turn evil into good for those who call on his name; we are children of God and co-heirs with the king who has overcome the world (Rom 8:15-17)! As in the early days of the church in Jerusalem (Acts 8:4), God used something negative (persecution) to spread the good news and extend the expression of his kingdom.

Why Hebrews?
The letter is written to Jewish believers encouraging them to stand firm in the faith while they endure difficulties. The writer points out the overwhelming superiority of Christ over all they had experienced before and now dwells on the incomparable glory of the person and work of Christ, showing his supremacy over prophets, angels and the whole ritual of Judaism. This gives us a vantage point to see how old testament principles give way to the new life in Christ and how to we are to live before our God.

Why chapter 12?
Chapter 12 Focusses us in on the King and his Kingdom.

Vs 1-2 Giving him our undivided attention: Aphorao -looking unto Jesus…

Vs 3-11 Allowing our Father to discipline us for our profit, that we may be partakers of His holiness..bringing his children to maturity

Vs 12-17 Strengthening those who are struggling, and pursuing the inheritance that is rightfully ours, not getting distracted.

Vs 18-24 Recognising what we have come to…(22-24) Approachable, powerful and full of life and restoration, not earthly, terrifying with the possibility of destruction for touching.

Vs 25–29 Giving him our full attention, Listening when he speaks, recognising he tests the works of man to see what will remain & receive grace to serve.

How does this relate to our present circumstances?
Removal of social norms. Handshakes, hugs and hanging-out,
Removal of Playgrounds, dates, entertainment, cafes and restaurants, cinemas and theatres, travel and holiday adventures.
Removal of work based activities, commuting, meetings and "business as usual", financial support and mental well being based on these.
Loss of life.
Increase in people seeking meaning in life.

In the church?
Reevaluation of corporate worship
Reevaluation of community fellowship
Understanding our identity as the gathered church
Intentional focus on personal worship and relationship with God
Preparing for increase by resetting the church on the king's rule and reign
Taking the good news out in word witness and wonders.

We will explore the above as we go, looking to understand how they inform our next steps as a church and individually. The aim will be to allow all of us to listen to what God is saying and how we are to move forward.


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