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17th February 2015

I want some more stories!

On Sunday I spoke from the story of David and Goliath in 1 Samuel 17. As I approached this familiar piece of scripture with an open heart that was positioned towards God I saw things in the story for the first time and they excited me afresh!

One of these things was that David understood the importance of sharing the victories of God in order to build faith in others. In 1 Samuel 17, when David killed Goliath, he picked up the head and weapons of the Philistine...why? As a trophy! Whilst this might sound a bit barbaric, David was simply doing what we all do - he was holding on to his medal in order to celebrate the victory.

Football teams are the best at this. When they win a cup final they all get together, put medals around each other’s necks, lift the trophy together in front of thousands of adoring fans and then build trophy cabinets to remind everyone of their victory! Some even produce DVDs!

Church, we should be better at celebrating Gods victories than the football world is at celebrating a temporary and ultimately worthless victory.

So I want some more stories! I've started to pray for the sick again, I've started to pray for miraculous breakthrough and freedom again and I'm starting to be very specific with God in my prayer life. And sharing the good news from these prayers is so important. In John 4:39 we actually learn that there is the power of salvation in a story about Gods victory!

So what stories will you tell this week? If you're struggling to think of some, then start praying for some.

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Maureen Hopkins
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