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25th February 2015

Thirst Youth Cafe

In November we opened the doors of Thirst Youth Café for the first time! The journey to this point was long (!) and testing but today it strikes me afresh that we have only just begun the journey that God has for us through Thirst.

The truth is that sometimes getting started is the hardest part. Consider a space shuttle launch. I recently learnt that a shuttle weighs 2000 tonnes and that 96% of the shuttle exists simply to get it off the ground. If a shuttle is on a ten-day mission, 83% of its fuel is used within the first 10 seconds of the journey! We would consider a space shuttle mission to have a bigger purpose than getting off the ground, but the launch contains some of the most difficult obstacles to overcome.

The same has been true with Thirst. It’s been a tough journey so far but our purpose is bigger and greater than simply opening the doors! Now the real work begins! And we wanted to blog today to share how we’re starting to see some momentum grow and young people starting to engage in the project.

Last week (half-term week) we saw over 100 customers use the café (in the 13 hours we were open!) from all walks of life, backgrounds and circumstances. We’ve been able to have some excellent conversations and chats with people and are really starting to see strong relationships built.

So thank you for your support and prayers but let’s keep going and pressing on towards the fulfilment of our mission because this is just the beginning...

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Maureen Hopkins
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