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16th March 2015

Living from the Unseen

Title: Living from the Unseen - Reflections from a transformed life
Author: Wendy Backlund

Ephesians 2 tells us that we have been made alive together with Christ, and that we have been raised up and seated with Him in the heavenly realms. This passage of scripture has just rolled off my tongue for many years now. Unfortunately I can also say that it has rolled right past my brain!! It tells us that we, as Christians, are just as alive spiritually as Christ is! It also tells us that our true address and position is not where our postcode tells us we are - we have been seated in the heavenly realms alongside Jesus in all of His majestic glory! That is where I / you live from! This really is amazing news which will totally transform the way we live once we've grasped it.

And here is the book which will help you to grasp it. Wendy Backlund writes with clarity and simplicity, but with a prophetic edge that will rock you back in your easy chair with fresh revelations of who you really are because of Christ. For example...

"If we try to get people to act like Jesus, they will be trying to 'act' like something they do not believe they are - it will just be a performance. This makes the Christian life very difficult. But if we believe like Jesus, we will know we are beloved children of God, in right standing, wholly accepted and heard by the Father. It will cause us to believe that power, healing, love, wisdom and righteousness is something that we are - not something we do. When disciples have the same beliefs as Jesus, they will effortlessly live out of their identity. They will no longer need to work for love, rather they will work from love."

It is a brilliant and inspirational read. Great as devotional material, or as something just to stir your heart over a cuppa.

Buy it!

Gareth McCormick

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