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19th March 2015

Good results at CCBS Alpha Day

On Saturday (14th March) we had the Holy Spirit day for this term’s Alpha course and we had 6 of our 11 regular guests attend. On these days we talk about how God is not a God who wants to remain distant from His people but who has always sought to be in close relationship with them.

After the talks we ask the Holy Spirit to come and meet with our guests and it never ceases to amaze me how He does. I know it sounds silly and almost hypocritical to be surprised at this especially after spending the best part of an hour teaching this truth. However it’s the variety, the regularity and power of how He comes that gets me each time.

This week each of our 6 guests had life changing encounters with God. Some people were obviously experiencing God showing external signs like crying, some were given life changing words, experiencing the gift of prophecy in action for the first time and others, from the outside, were seemingly unengaged- but in conversation afterwards described how they felt an overwhelming sense of peace.

These encounters left most of the group making commitments or re-commitments to follow Jesus. I think God quite enjoys surprising us by turning up in new and exciting ways to meet with people. The bible shows us that when we talk about Him, He likes to turn up and validate what we are saying. And our experience from Saturday shows that this is still very much true today.

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Maureen Hopkins
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