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23rd July 2015

God changes lives

Over the last two weeks we have had the wonderful privilege of baptising 13 people which has made for two fantastic and celebratory services! What makes this even more exciting for us is that seven of these baptisees had been part of the Equipped to Grow and Alpha courses we have run this term.

As they shared their stories, it was great to hear such variety in people’s journeys; one person said “I’d been searching for God for 20 years” another started with “I wasn’t really bothered about God and was very happy with my life but my boyfriend was a Christian, so I wanted to understand what that meant.” We had men and women being baptised, one teenager, another with teenage children and whilst most were from the UK some where from further afield. The one thing that united them all was that they had all met the living God and given their lives to following him.  The repeated theme, across ages and cultures, was that meeting God changes lives.

We wanted to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to everyone who invested in those who were baptised and who have helped to create environments for people to meet God.  We especially want to say thank you to those who were part of the Alpha and Equipped to Grow teams.

The courses this term have been hugely encouraging and their recent baptisms have, for me, been the highlight. I think we have seen a glimpse of something special; in Acts we read that the early church saw ‘people being added to their number daily’ (Acts 2:47). Over the last 14 days we’ve seen 13 people baptised.  This is what it would be like to see people saved every day.  I understand that this passage was written at a different time, place and in a very different culture to ours BUT the reality is that we still worship the same God who loves to meet His people and see their lives changed!

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Maureen Hopkins
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