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24th August 2015

What glasses are you wearing?

On Sunday I spoke from Luke 19 on the stroy of Jesus and Zacchaeus in the last of our series, 'The Heart behind the Gospel.' My main point was that we all have an internal pair of glasses that we filter life through and the way we see or percieve life affects the way we think and therefore the way we act. My encouragement was to be like Jesus, who saw life from Heaven's perspective and therefore saw situtaions and circumstances from God's viewpoint. This is not always easy because often our past hurts, trauma's or experiences can so easily influence the way we interpert and percieve life.

However it is possible to experience transformation by simply imitating Zacchaeus; simply by letting Jesus in. Accepting His invitation means allowing Jesus to affect and transform every area of our lives and when we do this change follows.

So why write a blog? Because I want to challenge you all this week. I want to challenge you to seek out a friend who doesn’t know Jesus andshare with them how God views them. Do this by simply asking God to show you all the things He loves about them and then speaking out over them.

For example, I might say (or text, or email) this to a friend who doesn’t yet know Jesus "Hey Dave, I just want you to know that I see you as such a faithful friend and father. You’re so gifted and talented in the way you can problem solve and so ready to help others. I really love that about you and I really value your friendship. Hope you have a great week."

If you're up for the challenge, please email me with how you get on. Let me know the reaction you get and also how it made you feel to agree with Heaven's perspective! I did it this moring with a friend and they were encouraged and blessed by the fact I took the time to encourage them; and I was blessed in the process!

And remember there is fullness of joy in heaven and so it ought to be fun bringing heaven to earth!  Even if a bit daunting...!

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Maureen Hopkins
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