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8th September 2015

Book review: Plausibility

Other than England winning the Ashes and attending the amazing event that is 'Newday 2015', one of the highlights of the summer for me was reading the book ‘the plausibility problem: the church and same sex attraction’ by Ed Shaw.

Ed is a committed Christian, a pastor at Emmanuel City Centre in Bristol, part of the editorial team at and is attracted to people of the same sex.

In this fantastic book he breaks down some of the areas in which the church has stumbled when dealing with same sex attraction looking at issues of identity, family, intimacy, equality and roles of men and women within the church.

One review of the book said 'a must read for everyone who is serious about embracing the Biblical teaching on sexuality and marriage in a way that is plausible and faithful.' Whilst for me the book could be summed up through this quote form chapter seven, 'What needs to be heard in the church today is that the Bible demands Christ-likeness of us in every area of our lives.'

It is an exceptionally challenging read and I have found it humbling as I have accepted my own mistakes, trying to learn how to better honour and value Jesus and all people in this area.

In fact, I rate this book so highly that I would encourage every one of you to read it as I beleive there is a truth in here for all of us to learn from.

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Maureen Hopkins
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