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27th September 2015

A challenge!

Wow. What an amazing Sunday morning it was yesterday (Sunday 27th September)!

Firstly, we baptised three people as part of the morning, making it 27 baptisms in three months! Each had a profound story to share and they ranged from God breaking through drug addiction, emotional torment and spiritual emptiness.

After these baptisms we then engaged with God in worship in a profound and powerful way, tangibly sensing His presence amongst us.

Finally I had the privilege of preaching from 1 Corinthians 15, explaining that when it comes to apologetics (defending the Christian faith) the ONLY question that really matters is simply this: Did Jesus rise form the dead? If He did then all the other issues people carry are resolved within the pages of scripture and we are to align our thinking up with the Bible, knowing these issues aren't valid when it comes to disproving Christianity.

I finished the preach with a challenge, that I wanted to remind you all of in this blog post.  I challenged us to find someone, this week, and ask them three questions:

1. What is the most important thing in the world to you?
2. What is wrong with the world?
3. What’s the solution?

By asking these three questions you are able to get an insight into the person’s god, fall and gospel and it could even open a door for you to share what you think the answers to the questions are.

We look forward to hearing the stories!

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Maureen Hopkins
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