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30th September 2015

A testimony of freedom

We love to hear stories of what God is doing, knowing that He is living and active and busy all the time bringing healing, salvation and deliverance wherever He goes!  Here is one of the amazing stories we heard recently.  Sit back and enjoy:

"I came to Community Church Bishops Stortford (CCBS) a very broken person. I knew that I had depression but I was refusing to acknowledge it because it would have been just another burden I had to carry. My marriage was hanging by a thread and there were several relationship breakdowns in my family cirle.

My relationship with God was all head and no heart. I could speak the words of my inheritance & identity, but wasn't living with an active or intimate relationship with my Daddy God.

When we came to CCBS I knew that God was very present and that He wanted us here. One Sunday morning, I guess that God must have seen a crack in the door of my heart and just blasted me with His loving and powerful presence! He had been longing to get His daughter back and jumped at the opportunity! I walked out knowing that the cloud of depression that had been over me for so long had gone - Freedom!

My life began to change from that day. Although my marriage is still not perfect, God has given me His supernatural love, and things are getting better through the power of Jesus rather than my striving. There are glimmers of hope in family relationships where there was only devastation last year. God has given me the ability to forgive people that have really wounded me. It is amazing!

Someone prophesied over me recently that the ‘ashes’ that I've lived with for so long are being transformed into beauty. I can really feel that this is true. I can testify that God is a powerful, loving, kind Father and that He most certainly resides in Community Church Bishops Stortford!"

If you have a story to share of God's goodness and blessing in your life please email it to  We'd love to hear from you.

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Maureen Hopkins
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