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6th October 2015

Sally's testimony

Here is one of the stories we have heard recently about God reaching down and showing Himself to be a good and loving God! Sit back and enjoy Sally's story!

"When I became a Christian at about fourteen years old, I was seeking God and wanting to get to know Him - I felt I needed a tangible experience of Him. I would lie in my bed and reach my hand up in the air and ask God to hold my hand and give me a sign of His Fatherly love in that way!! I never did feel a physical touch from Him! I concluded that I was being naive.

On 22nd September 2015 I shared my salvation story at the Ignite group at CCBS, and in preparation for that, had been thinking of my early Christian experiences with God.

As I was worshipping God later in the meeting, I had my hand reaching up and I suddenly felt a physical grip on my hand and wrist - it was such a strong sensation it was amazing! God was gripping my hand and arm just as I had asked Him to when I was a young teenager! I knew that God was powerfully reaffirming His love for me and telling me in a very tangible and personal way that he was there! Admittedly it was happening about forty-four years after I had asked him originally - but then His timing isn't the same as ours!

A few minutes after this, the person who was leading us in worship encouraged all those present to physically reach our hands out to the Lord expectant that our Father would take each of us by the hand and meet us at our point of need! Well that made me laugh out loud! God had already done exactly that for me! Thank you Father for your tender and timely love!!"

Do you have a story to share? Then why not email us as so that we can give glory to our amazing God!

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Maureen Hopkins
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