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13th October 2015

Donna's testimony

In Mark 16 Jesus taught us that because of the authority He won through the resurrection that we, as His followers, would lay hands on sick people and see them healed. Here is just one example from Donna, of members of CCBS putting this scripture into practice and seeing God fulfill His word.

"I had been in severe pain from my gall-bladder for quite some time. The pain had been so intense that I was often in tears, holding my stomach and feeling physically sick. The doctor had given me tablets to try to help and I had been taking them for about a week but they weren’t making any difference.

On 15th September, 2015 at the Ignite Group meeting, two people prayed for me as they could see that I was in pain. It was a really intense feeling as they prayed for me. Straight away I could feel the difference! The pain immediately left! It ‘gurgled’ for a few days and then the ‘gurgling’ stopped. It now feels like new! No pain – no problems! I haven’t taken any more medications for it at all. Praise God!"

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