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3rd October 2015

Relational Mission

I love the story about the two men working either side of a production line. One man was asked what he was doing and replied – ‘putting nuts on bolts’. The second man ,doing the identical job, answered the same question rather differently by saying ‘I’m building a Mercedes’. Proverbs 29 says, where there is no vision (big picture) the people perish. That’s why it’s so important we see the big picture of our lives and our church life.

Over thirty years ago a man named Terry Virgo was called to establish a family of churches that became known as Newfrontiers and under his fathering apostolic leadership this group grew to over 200 churches in the UK and many hundreds more in different nations of the world, all working together to spread the gospel and plant churches. I count it a privilege of my life that I, together with all of us in CCBS, have been part of this family for the last 30 years.

A few years ago Terry decided the time had come to step back from his role, to recognise the apostolic calling on a number of his spiritual sons and to release them to lead their branches of the family forward. So Newfrontiers morphed from one large family into several smaller ones. Here at CCBS we chose to become part of one of these smaller families called Relational Mission (RM).

Relational Mission is led by Mike Betts and is currently made up of 70 churches and church plants across the east of UK, Canada and several countries in mainland Europe. I’ve known Mike for many years and recognised the call of God on him to be an apostle who fathers and plants churches and sees them equipped to fulfil their part in God’s mission to the world. It’s exciting that we can play our part in this mission and reassuring as we make ourselves accountable to wise oversight from Mike and his team in the RM family.

It’s important for you all to know that the leadership of this church (CCBS) values the accountability and oversight that comes with being part of RM. It's also important to know that we're not just an isolated few hundred people gathering on a Sunday morning, but that we're part of an international family of churches who gather many thousands of people every single Sunday in every corner of the earth!

Our connection with the RM family will be evident on 18th October when we’re very much looking forward to having Mike Betts with us both to speak and to lead us as we recognise Gareth as an elder here at CCBS. Why not take some time today to find out more about RM by visiting the website"  or by looking out for Mike Betts’s informal ‘Coffee Break’ videos that give sound-bite insights into the heart of RM and the man called to lead it.

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Maureen Hopkins
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