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9th October 2015

Encounter Night

What a Night!

Wednesday’s Encounter Night was one of those times when God turned up in such a powerful way that I think it is no exaggeration to call it an evening of revival.

It began ordinarily enough as we sang songs of worship and then it became clear that God was speaking when Ruth Kirkland prophesied and prayed some of the things I knew Angela Kemm was already planning to say about restoring walls in people’s lives and in the church. Angela then spoke briefly from the book of Nehemiah about not being distracted from the work to which we’re called in building the kingdom of God before getting is to pray in 3’s for whatever we most want God to do – something for others and something for ourselves.

I prayed for God to bring the revival to Bishop’s Stortford that He spoke to me about almost 20 years ago, telling me I’d know it was true when I saw the town flood. This had been made ‘impossible’ by the building of the causeway in the 1960’s and had never happened since. A few months later the Causeway car park was flooded 3 times in quick succession in about a foot of water and I knew God had spoken. Around the same time in the mid-90’s there was a revival in Pensacola, Florida that saw many thousands saved as Steve Hill preached the gospel and a young teenager called Charity sang nightly. Something lodged in my heart as I watched on video and I found myself longing and believing for our own outpouring here in Bishops Stortford. Ezekiel 47 came alive and still lives in my heart with it’s image of the river of God rising up from inside the temple and flowing out to flood the whole region, bringing life, salvation and healing wherever it flows.

Then on Wednesday night after praying for God to flood this town with His reviving presence, I felt Him telling me we should stand on top of the well that lies underneath the baptistry and His spirit would come on us. I have to admit I hesitated incase I was making it up –but then Angela Kemm – who knew nothing of the well under the baptistry – spoke of a spiritual ‘well’ of anointing that just had come on Jake Tucker as he spoke in tongues. She then encouraged us all to touch him to receive the same anointing. I then realized Jake was already standing directly above the literal well!

Extraordinary power unleashed as many then stepped onto the baptistry over the well and we prayed for each other. Many were overwhelmed, with some quite unable to remain standing and others swept off their feet.

As the days go by we will discover just what God has done in us and what the effects will be. It’s an exciting prospect. Our job now is to ask God to keep pouring out His spirit, to be open to Him using us however He wants and to pursue His presence at every opportunity.

Angela Kehm, who carriers a significant prophetic gifting, is part of Relational Mission (RM), the family of Churches we are part.  You can find out more about RM and out oversight by visiting

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