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20th October 2015

Alpha update

It's been the ‘back to school’ half term but with the holidays now in view, the days getting noticeably shorter, and colder, it seems that the new starts September represents are well under way.

With the beginning of the new school year we also started a new Alpha course. It all kicked off with a visit from Jazz singer Paul Jones and his theatre actress wife Fiona Hendley. This showbiz couple spoke to an audience of 53 made up of members of the church and their friends, which was not that extra-ordinary.

However at the end of their performance they asked people to pray a prayer of commitment to Christ and then fill out a response card to see who had responded. Last week we received these cards and found that five of our guest had prayed that prayer for the first time and another came back to following Christ after years away!! Not only did we see six commitments that evening but over the summer period we had also saw four other people make a commitment to follow Christ!

This means that even before this term’s Alpha course begins we have seen 10 new starts in people’s lives in the last 3 months!!  We praise God for this.

This is another wonderful sign that as we explain the Gospel in the right context and then ask people to respond they will, why? ‘Because it is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes’ (Romans 1:16).

Last Tuesday we had 12 people at the first night of this term’s Alpha course with hopefully one or two more to join who couldn’t make the first night. Over the nine week course we will do our best to love these people and explain the Gospel to them as clearly as possible.

As this new school year has started so well I’m praying that God will continue to save people among us as we faithfully love those around us and share his gospel where we can, so that he will be glorified by new starts in life each week.

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Maureen Hopkins
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