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27th October 2015

Paige's testimony

We love to share and hear any story of God intervening in people's lives and here is just one of them from Paige, member of our youth work. It's a story told by her mum.

"When Paige was 3 years old we became aware that she wasn’t behaving like other children. She would become very tired and listless, and had no energy at all after any physical exertion. She never coped with a late night or when she had to expend extra effort at a party or doing physical exercise. We noticed that she would often complain of pain in her legs and arms particularly after physical exercise.

We consulted doctors but were told that it was probably growing pains, and that we shouldn’t worry. Later we were told that it was possibly hormonal. We continued to go back to the doctors every few months as it just didn't seem right.

This continued for about 5 years! We were becoming more concerned as Paige was getting older and still showing the same symptoms. Paige’s pain levels were increasing and she seemed to suffer more frequently as she was doing more P.E. games and sports at school. She had to stop trampolining, swimming, cheer-leading and dancing as she was hurting more frequently afterwards. She was needing more and more time off school, and taking lots of pain-killers.

When Paige turned 10 things were getting quickly worse. After P.E. she would be in agony the next day. We demanded to see a specialist and after much delay and effort we were referred to a neurologist at Addenbrooks Hospital in Cambridge. It was during this season of our lives in 2011 that we started attending church, became Christians and started to pray for Paige. The consultant neurologist quickly recognised her condition as Muscle Myopathy. This condition means that an enzyme in the body doesn't work properly. When Paige’s body needed extra energy to run, or required any extra exertion, her body could not convert the stored energy into useable energy. This was what caused her muscles would ache.

By 2013 Paige was 11 years old. We firmly believed by this stage that God would heal Paige completely, but we needed to be patient. It wasn’t easy! Paige told me that she felt she would probably get a lot worse and maybe have to be in a wheelchair. Part of me agreed, but I also felt that somehow God was working out a plan, which was bigger than we could understand.

Paige had several rounds of blood tests, MRI scans, neuro-muscular nerve testing, and complete DNA tests but we were advised that it could take years to study all the information and find the strain of the disorder. Even with this information, the doctors were clear that no known treatment was available. Our best hope was that perhaps some trial treatments might be available in the future.

Since 2013 Paige’s pain increased greatly and the length of time it took her to recover each time became greater. Sometimes she had to go to bed for up to three days to recover. She would often have to be carried, and we were seriously considering a wheelchair.

Despite all of this, Paige never gave up believing that her healing would come and she never asked why she was suffering the way she was. She never asked why it was her that had to suffer. She somehow knew that God was going to use her experiences to bless others. She was prepared to do whatever God asked her to do even though it was a frightening prospect.

In August 2015 she went to the ‘Newday’ youth event in Norwich with the church youth group. We had planned for a wheelchair, a camping seat, a higher bed, foldable walking sticks etc. But two days before she left, she decided not to take these things with her. She felt certain that she would be healed. We decided to trust her sense of faith. Half way through the week, on the Wednesday evening, she rang to tell me she had been healed! She was so excited! The following morning however, she rang again with the sad news that she had not been healed afterall, and had woken in a lot of pain. She was taking painkillers every 2 hours and was using both crutches. I could hear the bitter disappointment in her voice.

As Paige and I talked together we felt that perhaps there might be some unforgiveness in our hearts that God wanted us to deal with. Together we spoke out the necessary forgiveness as we felt led. Amazingly, later that same evening, the theme of the youth meeting was forgiveness! Paige wrote the names of the people that she needed to forgive on a piece of paper and ‘posted them’ into a large wooden cross at the front of the tent and she also went on to receive more healing prayer from the other young people and leaders who were with her.

When she woke up the next morning she knew that something had changed. This time it was real! She had been completely and perfectly healed! When she came home that weekend she threw away all of the various aids that we had gathered to help her. Since then, Paige has been on several sleepovers and parties staying up ridiculously late and has had no repercussions. She has played rounders, gone swimming, dancing and participated in full P.E sessions at school with no pain what so ever, and to the amazement of her teachers!

On September 6th 2015, Paige was baptised and gave testimony of her healing to friends, teachers and other friends and family who have watched her grow up with a devastating disability. They have no other answer as to why Paige has so suddenly lost all of her previous symptoms and is now enjoying full health and strength. But we know that she has been healed by the amazing power of Jesus!"

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