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12th November 2015

Healing in the hospital waiting room!

We love to share and hear any story of God interveening in people's lives and here is just one of them from Aileen, member of the church.

"On Tuesday 10th November 2015 I took my Mum to Addenbrookes Hospital in Cambridge for a Cataract Operation. Whilst in the waiting room I started to read the “Word For Today” devotional. The subject was, “Through Christ, you can conquer your habits.” It specifically focused on the issue of weight loss, and gave helpful tips about overcoming temptation and (of particular significance to this story) about winning the battle in your mind.

About five minutes later, a nurse came along and decided to weigh herself. I was watching her hesitantly step onto the machine, and I noticed how upset & disappointed she looked. I said to her, “It’s all in the mind!” (having just read about this moments earlier). She replied that she had tried every diet under the sun, and still couldn’t lose weight. To my surprise she then came and stood right in front of me and asked, “What am I to do?” I said, “Read this” and handed her the “Word For Today” booklet. To my amazement she proceeded to read the article aloud to the whole waiting room! She then said that she’d never thought that God could help her. I told her that he certainly could, and I was just about to offer to pray for her when she was called away.

Sitting opposite me and my Mum there was a gentleman of 91 named Cyril and his helper Rosalee who was no staring at me! “I hope you don't mind,” I said to Rosalee, “but I couldn't help overhearing you say you have an operation in two weeks time. May I ask what is wrong?” She told me that she had recently had an MRI Scan and that she had a trapped nerve in her shoulder, which caused her a lot of pain. She had tried physiotherapy, acupuncture etc. but to no avail.

I told her that I was a Christian and that I truly believed in the power of prayer. I shared with her all about my son Matthew's healing from Autism through the prayer of many in the church. She was keen to know more, so I told her my story of how I came to make a decision to follow God's way and not the world's way.

By this time everyone in the small waiting room was listening! I then offered to pray for her shoulder and she agreed. After I prayed very simply and briefly, I asked her how it felt, and she replied that the pain had subsided! I went to sit down again when the old gentleman Cyril (who I thought had fallen asleep), suddenly asked me, “Were you praying just now?” I said, “Yes”, and he began to tell me that on the night before, he had been lying in his bed thinking about his pending operation and feeling anxious. Suddenly he felt a hand on top of his hand and immediately he sensed comfort. No one was in the room with him! I looked amazed at him and asked, “Do you realize that must have been God? Are you a man of faith?” He replied that he had believed in God many years previously. I reassured him that God had never forgotten him, and that the Lord had obviously known about Cyril’s anxiety and loneliness and had come to comfort him. I told Cyril that God loves him just as much today as He did all those years ago.

I offered to pray for Cyril and he willingly agreed. Kneeling on the floor in front of his wheelchair, I took his hand and prayed that his operation would be a success, and that he would not fear, but rather know that God is with him. I prayed that his relationship with God would be rekindled once again and that he would be able to pick up his bible and read God's word again for himself.

All this time God's presence was filling the waiting room and there was a stillness and peace as we all sat there together. My Mum felt very relaxed and not nervous and her operation was a success. I am amazed at the unexpected catalogue of opportunities that God opened up for me to bless, encourage, and reassure all of those people whom He so obviously loves!

Our God is so wonderfully good!"

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Maureen Hopkins
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