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23rd November 2015

God's goodness

Here is yet another story of God's goodness, as told by one of our members Roy.

"On Thursday 5th November I met up with some friends from the old house-group I used to run. We always go for a Carvery meal together, and this time we went to the Toby Carvery in Buckhurst Hill where we've been a few times before.

We all met in the bar and after standing around chatting for a while, we were called through to our table, and as we went though we were greeted by the waitress. Her name was Athena, and she is a Turkish Muslim. She gave a big smile as she saw us and said, “You’re the church people, aren’t you?” She had remembered us from a previous visit.  She sat us down in a nice part of the pub and asked, “Do you remember me?” We did, but she pressed us a bit further asking, “Do you remember praying for me?” Between us we remembered that we had prayed for her bad back. “But you also prayed that I would become pregnant” she said. To our amazement she went on to tell us that not only was her back healed, but that she is now the proud mother of a beautiful little girl!

We were so blessed to speak with her and said to her, “Wow! God is good isn’t He!” “Yes He is!” was her reply.

She looked after us all very well that day, blessing us all with a free dessert! As we were getting ready to pay the bill and leave she asked to have photos taken with us all. Amidst the hugs and kisses she asked if we would pray for her family, which we did right there and then in the middle of the pub. We left a very happy young lady that day, and we all came away with a great new testimony of God’s goodness!

Our God is so good!"

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Maureen Hopkins
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