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25th November 2015

Consider It Pure Joy

On Sunday I had the privilage of speaking from James 1:1-18, majoring on verse 2, as part of our 'Transformed' series.  The big idea that I was trying to communicate from the text was that we are to view trials and difficult circumstances as opportunities to grow and mature in our faith and how this only happens when we choose joy in these seasons.

As part of the sermon, I shared some of my own personal struggles with depression and alcohol.  I shared how I have noticed that when my life gets stormy I react in a way that seeks alcohol as a way of comorting me.  What the book of James does to us is challenge us to make our instant reaction one of joy rather than beer, money, sex or whatever your struggle may be.

On Sunday afternoon I found myself thinking about the sermon and how what I really wanted to communicate was that our goal as believers is not to simply say 'No' to sin (although that is a good thing!) but to say 'Yes' to Jesus.

As James shows us in these few verses, it can be simply expressed in these three short words:  Jesus is better.  Jesus is better than alcohol.  He is a greater comfort and support than sex.  And He is more consistant and faithful than any person or means of escape that this world can offer.

So what do you run to when life gets hard?  Where do you go when the storm rages?  Let me encourage you today to try running to Jesus because He is so much better.

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Maureen Hopkins
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