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30th November 2015

God at work

We absolutely love to hear and share stories of God invading people's live and this is just one of the many that we are hearing at the moemnt.  Neil is one of our Church members and this is his story:

"For many years I have wanted to be used by God to heal the sick. I have been in the habit of offering to pray for colleagues at work who were not well, but with very little ‘success’. Most of the time people would politely decline the offer, ‘no thank you’ or ‘no thanks, I’m an atheist’ were typical responses. A few people did let me pray for them and although they appreciated the sentiment they did not experience any healing. As a result I started to believe that God did not want to heal through me. This was not a conscious decision but rather something that I just quietly accepted as true.

One Sunday morning one of the church leaders taught from Romans chapter twelve. He explained that we needed to be transformed by changing our minds or repenting of things we believed that did not line up with the bible. At the end of meeting whist I prayed with a friend I repented of believing that God did not want to heal through me. I also asked someone who had a gift of healing to pray that God would give me opportunities to pray for the sick.

The next day I hurt my shoulder at the local climbing wall. When I got home my wife prayed for me and the pain went away. I felt that it was important to tell someone about this. When an opportunity came up at work three days later, I told a colleague about it. He didn’t look particularly impressed. However, shortly afterwards another work colleague told me that he had hurt his shoulder playing football. I explained how God had healed my shoulder and I offered to pray for his. He accepted saying ‘OK, we’ll give it a go’. I put my hand on his shoulder and prayed twice for healing. After the second time he tested it out and reported that it felt ‘a lot better’.

The following week another work colleague complained of a similar condition. I offered to pray for him at his desk and he experienced a 70% healing. This prompted a few questions from other people in the office who were curious as to what we were doing and whether it had worked.

The next day I walked past a man sitting in a wheelchair at the supermarket. My immediate reaction was to think ‘I don’t have enough faith to pray for that’. As I walked away I felt challenged by my attitude. After a few moments of thinking it through I realized that my attitude was completely wrong. I turned around, walked back into the shop and offered to pray for him. He declined the offer and did not seem interested at all. However the important thing was I repented of putting limits on what God is able to do through me.

At a church meeting the following day, I was prayed for by three people. During their prayers God set me free from something that I have carried for years, self-doubt. As a result I now feel different and I have more confidence.

As I was driving to work the next morning I could feel the presence of God with me and I was full of joy. I couldn’t stop laughing, which does not normally happen to me on the daily commute! As I walked into the office I composed myself and went to get a cup of coffee. I chatted to a work colleague who told me that he had been diagnosed with golfers’ elbow which was causing him pain and discomfort. I offered to pray for him then and there in the kitchen and he accepted. As I prayed he experienced a small improvement saying that it had ‘taken the edge off it’. Another colleague who was in the kitchen asked what we were both doing. When we explained he paused for a moment and then asked if he could also have prayer for his back which was hurting. I put my hand on his back and prayed. Afterwards he had a big smile of his face and told me that he could feel warmth down his back where I had put my hand.

I no longer doubt that God wants to heal through me. I am sure that God wants to use me to demonstrate his love for people in this way. I really want to grow in this area and to be used by him to heal people with lifelong illnesses."

If you have a story of God moving in your life, whether that is through provision, healing or in any kind of breakthrough then please get in touch now by emailing us at

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