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9th December 2015


Your thoughts are powerful. Your mental agreement either empowers lies or truth. So what are you agreeing with at the moment?

When God speaks, God creates and His word is powerful. But the human mind is the only context in all of creation, which can choose to be unfruitful in response to God’s word.

This is an astonishing truth and it reveals to us just how highly God prizes our free will. He will not violate the human heart, but rather His desire is that we would willingly choose Him, for when we do so, the creative potential of His word is suddenly released in us!

To put it another way, our choice releases His reward.

This is why the transformed mind that Romans 12:2 speaks of is so vital for the Christian. We are commanded – pleaded with – not to mindlessly wander through life allowing our thinking to be shaped by the pressures and patterns of the world around us. Why would we allow ourselves to do so when we have the opportunity to renew our thinking according to the pattern of heaven? When Jesus reprimanded his disciple Peter, saying, “Get behind me Satan!” he went on to say, “…for your mind is not set on the things of God, but on the things of men.”

The shocking truth revealed here is that ordinary human thinking is not only devoid of the things of God, but it is actually satanically inspired! Yikes! Truly, I cannot afford to live believing anything about myself or my circumstances that God says is not true!

God’s daily invitation to us is to be a people who are devoted to changing the way we think – re-aligning our minds with the wonderful truth of His Kingdom. This is the true meaning of repentance – turning away from an inferior and destructive way of thinking and embracing the higher, fuller, life-giving way of thinking that only Jesus reveals. He has come to give us life in all of its abundance (John 10:10) – don’t allow yourself to be stolen from one second longer!

My prayer is that the recent “Transformed” sermon series that we ran over the Autumn term will have helped to equip us all to lay hold of this full and glorious life. If you missed some of the sermons then please do click on the media section of the website and listen back.

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Maureen Hopkins
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