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18th December 2015

Salvation at Christmas

Last Sunday we had our Christmas Carol services which were a huge success.

Our guest speaker was Adrian Holloway, who I thought was fantastic. He spends a lot of time visiting churches sharing the Gospel and seeing people respond to Jesus. Over our two services we had a total of 17 people pray a prayer of commitment who weren’t part of a local church of any kind. This is by far the largest response to the Gospel we have had in any of our meetings in recent years and quite possibly in our history as a church!

As I was at both services I got the listen to Adrian’s talk twice and found it fascinating to hear how he preached the Gospel and how in 25 minutes he covered so much.

In his first section he spoke about how each person is aspiring to something in life and showed how Christianity is therefore very relevant to everyday life. In his second section he spoke about who Jesus was and the promises that he made for those who will follow him. And in his final section he spoke about why Jesus died and how we all need forgiveness. He ended by explaining that Christ rose from the dead as a guarantee that we inherit his righteousness when we follow him.

Adrian did this all in 25 minutes, whilst also using humour and personal stories to connect with audience so that the content he was bringing didn’t come across as self-righteous or condemning to those who were listening. I would call this a text book example of how to preach and explain the gospel in the UK. I remember hearing Adrian say recently that “if people can hear the gospel in the right context then many will often respond” and from our experience of 17 responses on Sunday that certainly seems to be true!

The christmas fun and opportunites for salvation doesn't end there of course!  This Sunday we are having our 'Family at Christmas' service and we will once again be giving guests the opportunity to respond to Jesus.

Merry Christmas one and all.

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Maureen Hopkins
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