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28th December 2015

2015 book review

I always find that this time of the year gives us a great opportunity to look back and review the last 12 months!

As a keen reader I have found myself looking back at my book list (a record of the books I’ve read with a quick summary alongside) and thought I would simply share with you all the top three books that I read in 2015:

1. “Unbreakable: What the Son of God said about the Word of God” by Andrew Wilson
This is a very short but excellent look at the doctrine of scripture as laid out by Jesus in the gospels. And as always with Wilson, we get a very easy and engaging read!

2. “Culture of Honour” by Danny Silk
An incredible book that challenged me hugely when thinking about the way I treat others. Honour is such a huge subject and one that we, as Community Church are very keen to grow more in.

3. “Hosting the presence” by Bill Johnson
Other than the Bible this has changed me more than any book I read, not just this year but in my entire Christian walk. The lesson is simply but the affect on one’s life is extrodinary.

Let me finish with two questions: Firstly have you read any of these? If not let me wholeheartedly recommend them to you for 2016.

And secondly, what are your top three reads of 2015 that you would recommend to me?

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Maureen Hopkins
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