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11th January 2016

God is alive

We love to hear stories of God working and moving in people's lives and here are two from one of our church memebrs:

"Last month, when I went to my haridresser I felt God tell me to speak to the man cutting my hair in my Spiritual language.  And so I took a step of faith and gave it go!  My hairdresser is is Turkish he said he recognised the Spiritual language as a kind of Arabic and said it was a prayer to the Lord! He used google translate on his phone and it turned out that some of the words related to Ramadan and the bird of paradise!

We had been chatting about Christianity and Islam and He knows we run the Alpha course. Watch this space!

Then last week I was having a drink in a pub last week and I saw a man across the room wiping a tear from His eye. I felt I should go and listen to him so I did. I was already stirred about being prepared to listen to whoever God gave me that day and so I sat with him and said something like: "You look like you're having a difficult time". He opened up to me about lots of things and I ended up praying for a long term injury that was disabling him and for wholeness in body, mind and spirit. He said he felt 10 times better after which was so encouraging as God knows when people need to be shown love and mercy."

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Maureen Hopkins
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