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12th April 2016

There's no such thing as a junior Holy Spirit

We love hearing stories of what God is doing in people's lives and here is a brilliant story about God meeting with a young man called Luke in our childrens work.  The testimony is told by his mum Jo.

"Sunday 20th March was a really significant time for Luke in Promise Keepers. Amy Lines was leading the session and writes the following to describe what happened; 

'We set up a throne seat under a canopy and had the children climb up and choose which colour crown they wanted. We placed the crown they chose on their head and said this is Jesus' crown and He gives it to you and gives you His peace. Then we put a robe on the children and said here is Jesus’ robe which He gives to you and this is His power that He gives to you. Luke climbed up and was beaming broader than I've ever seen, it was like his face lit up. He seemed so peaceful and was looking at us, taking it in as we prayed a blessing of Jesus’ peace and power over him - to have inside and to give away to others and to take home with him. We said to Luke he was a prince in God's family just like Jesus is the prince of peace. And we told him God loves him so so much and he can tell other people about God's love too. I really felt Holy Spirit was doing something because of the way he was receiving what we said. It was beautiful!!'  

When I collected Luke He wanted to show me the crown and robe and I was really surprised and excited to hear what had happened - especially as Luke is a busy little boy who doesn't often sit still!

Throughout the following week Luke talked a lot about God and Jesus, more than he ever has. He said several times he had prayed about different things - one time when he fell at nursery and hurt his hand on some prickles. He also had lots of good questions about God and Jesus - amazing how deep a four year old can think.

On Good Friday Luke was upset at the thought of Jesus having to die on the cross and was tearful. He asked lots of questions about it and was bothered by this all day. On Easter Sunday morning before church we were all sat on the sofa talking about what the day was all about and how today we celebrate Jesus coming alive again allowing us to become friends with God and Jesus and go to Heaven one day. Luke said he wanted to become friends with God and Jesus and be able to go to Heaven. So together on the sofa we had the amazing privilege of helping Luke pray a prayer asking God and Jesus into his little life and for him to become their friend."

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Maureen Hopkins
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