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27th April 2016

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We are not only citizens of the United Kingdom, but of another Kingdom. God’s Kingdom.

Without wanting to state the obvious, this means that He is King, we are not, and that we ‘live, move, and have our being’ within His domain and by His permission. He is in charge. He will not be out-done. He is the undisputed, undefeated, heavyweight champion of all creation!

That’s not a perspective that we often give a lot of consideration to these days! It has become much more normal for each of us to hold a ‘me-centred’ view of the cosmos and it frequently seems as if God’s influence within our lives happens only by our permission, and varies greatly depending upon our mood in the moment.

I believe that our hesitation to embrace God fully and freely as our authoritative King is bound up with our misconception of His perfect nature. From our infancy, authority figures in our lives have let us down, performed less than admirably, and in many instances proven themselves to be thoroughly unworthy vessels for the authority that they discharge. God is perfectly, sublimely, divinely good. There is no standard that our earthly minds can grasp that will help us to have insight into the perfections of His nature and of His limitless affection towards us. God’s standard of good is fully unlike the world’s standard because it was established in an environment of perfection – free from any blemish of evil.

To put it in simple English – No matter how good you think God is, He is better than that. Infinitely better!

Confidence in God’s goodness gave Joshua and the whole nation of Israel the courage to go in and take possession of the Promised Land. Confidence in God’s goodness gave Nehemiah the courage to follow God’s call to re-build the broken down walls of Jerusalem amidst sneering and obstructive enemies. Confidence in God’s goodness will produce glistening hope in your heart no matter what external circumstances may be trying to tell you.

We are in for some changes at CCBS in the coming months as we prepare to transition from the comfortable and familiar territory of our one Sunday morning meeting, and into the ‘Promised Land’ of two meetings so as to make room for God-ordained growth.

If you find yourself unsettled by this or any other change in our environment, just pause for a moment and allow the revelation of His perfect goodness to re-calibrate your internal landscape.

He will see it done – and just as it was on day 6 of creation, there will be an abundance of good!

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Maureen Hopkins
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