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11th May 2016

Salvation on the street!

We love hearing stories of what God is doing in people's lives and here is a brilliant story from Michelle about God showing up on the streets of Bedford.

"Last week at TSM (Training for Supernatural Ministry at King’s Arms Church Bedford), a course that I am attended, we had an outreach evening which involved going out on the streets of Bedford in teams to prophesy over people and pray for them. I was with a team that went to Bedford Park. Soon after we got there, it started to rain and so as you can imagine, there weren’t many people about!

I was with Stef Miles who is one of the TSM leaders and we were on the street looking out for any passers-by. One guy came down the street and Stef suggested I ask him the miracle question, ‘If God could do one miracle in your life what would it be?’ So I stopped the guy and asked and even though it was raining and late in the day, he stopped and thought about his answer before telling us what his dream was.

I prayed for him and for his dream and then Stef started to ask if he believed in God and knew about having a personal relationship with Jesus. The guy was Romanian and described himself as Orthodox. Stef started to explain the gospel to him and asked if this was something he had heard before but it was all quite new to the guy. He was clearly interested in what Stef was saying, listening intently even though we were standing on the street in the pouring rain!

He kept talking with Stef and heard the news that Jesus wanted a personal relationship with him and he could open his heart to Jesus. Eventually, Stef asked if he wanted to accept Jesus into his heart and he said yes! It was amazing! Stef led him in a salvation prayer and they exchanged contact details to keep in touch. At the end, the guy ran off to get out of the rain!

It was really wonderful to see this guy open his heart to Jesus on the street. A couple of years ago I was so hungry to see God’s kingdom breaking out like this, which is why I applied to do TSM this year.

Since starting TSM I’ve had lots of encounters with people on the streets and had the privilege of praying with them and sharing God’s love.

Some of the TSM team and students are coming to Bishop’s Stortford on the 18th June for a Mission Day which will involve teaching and outreach in our town! I’m really excited about this and I want to encourage you that if you are hungry to see God’s kingdom breaking out in our town then don’t miss this day! I’m expectant that God is going to do some great things in Bishop’s Stortford and we are going to see people encountering God’s love in many ways."

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