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13th June 2016

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‘British Christianity isn’t dying. It’s sleeping. Evangelism can awaken it.’

This was the title of an article published in the Daily Telegraph this last week that was also quoted as part of the opening preach at the Relational Mission Leadership Conference. The resounding message from the secular press and Christian leaders is that the church isn’t dead but poised for growth. How will this happen? By each one of us taking hold of the great commission’s call to live as Christ’s witnesses each day.

As a church we also believe that we are poised and ready for God to move in our community. As we begin to step out and share our faith, one by one, we can trust that God will transform lives. It’s what we see Him do in the New Testament, it’s what we’ve seen him do throughout church history and it’s what we’ve seen Him do in our own town.

In the last 12 months we have seen 30 people baptised and each baptism represents a story of how God has broken into someone’s life and brought His power and hope filled presence into their hearts and minds. We have now have a fantastic ‘on ramp’ into church life through the Alpha, Equipped to Grow and Ignite courses, which allow people to meet Jesus for themselves, build great foundations and then learn to run with their new faith all the space of 12 months if they choose to.

As each one of us embraces the call to be a witness to Christ’s transforming power in our lives, we believe that we as a church will multiply and the next step in this journey is the launching of our second meeting.

That is why from the 11th September we will meeting at 9h30 and 11h30 every Sunday; so that we have space to welcome those who God is adding to us and those who God will add to our number in the future. This has been such an exciting journey for us as a church family so far but I do believe that through each one of us embracing our call to be Christ’s witnesses the best is yet to come! #everyoneawitness

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Maureen Hopkins
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