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13th July 2016

Finding a life-giving faith

If you visit the Charis Centre on a Tuesday evening, you will find a group of people discussing the person of Jesus.

Over drinks and a meal they talk about how Jesus’ life and death affect us today, how it can bring peace, how it can bring hope and joy. They also talk about their lives, often with surprising authenticity and honesty, openly talking about the struggles and disappointments they’ve faced. As this group of people meet over the course of each term, community is built and often a life-giving faith is found. We call these meetings Alpha.

This term on Alpha we’ve had a fantastic group. It has been small (just four people) but those four have been open about the losses in their lives and the pain this has caused. Through this time of open discussion and hearing about the person of Jesus, two people decided to invite Jesus into their own lives. We also saw two people from Alpha take the life-changing step of getting baptised on a Sunday morning, which was awesome!

No matter how big or small the course, we delight in seeing God break into people’s lives showing His love, mercy and kindness in fresh ways.

When I see God do these things first-hand I understand why Jesus said, ‘My food is to do the will of him who sent me’ (John 4:34). When we see God change lives it brings a profound sense of satisfaction. As I look back on this term’s Alpha, although it was small, it is satisfaction that I feel.

- Our next Alpha course will start on Tuesday 27th September 2016. Please email to register or to find out more.

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Maureen Hopkins
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